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The Northside Southpaws: Home

The Northside Southpaws are an all-left-handed, all-resophonic mandolin/guitar duo based in Chicago who perform obsolete ragtime, archaic country, proto-grass, turn-of-the-century waltzes and other obscure string band music on lefty resonator instruments.

Mandolin Magazine calls their debut all-instrumental cd, STOMP GLIDE WOBBLE, " of the best mandolin cds of the year, filled with an unspoiled sound and infectious enthusiasm that will win over fans from bluegrass, jazz and swing, blues and other styles" (Spring, 2008).

Sing Out! magazine said "This much anticipated cd by The Northside Southpaws was well worth the wait. (STOMP GLIDE WOBBLE) features the pair on a fascinating mixture of archaic ragtime and hillbilly, early jazz and blues, proto-grass and other string band material played with an unspoiled, back-porch fluency that skips the pyrotechnics and possesses an enthusiasm that's bound to perk a listener's ears" (September, 2008). In 2011, Sing Out! called the Southpaws' second cd, NO BREAD. "just wonderful".

The Northside Southpaws perform every Thursday night at The Watershed below Pops For Champagne in Chicago. See below for details.

Honky Tonk BBQ

Every 4th Friday - 7:30pm

1213 W. 18th St.
Chicago IL 60608
Price: Free

Awesome BBQ.

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